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Do you remember reading about the Alien and Sedition Acts ofthe government seizure of abolitionist literature in the s or the ruthless actions taken against railroad strikers in the s in your high school history classes.

The Hollywood Reporter labeled 19 of the recipients "unfriendly. A joint statement was issued and what happened at that time became the basis for the anti-blacklist clause that I think still exists in Equity contracts today.

They published a magazine, Counterattack, and, in Junethe bible of the graylist, Red Channels: If that's black or gray or charcoal doesn't really matter: What about the leadership of Equity and the producers. I most earnestly and fraternally ask the Board to consider the implications of the forthcoming hearing.

My perspective -- What Constance thinks

We likewise believe there is no place in a free society for the blacklisting and censorship which took place 50 years ago.

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Libraries virtually bought it up. The rest of the story may be read by clicking here to read the account I posted to this blogspot 13 years ago, inthen 25 years after Barbara Bush, Dora Bush, and myself had our chance informal meeting in my Health Club.

It was a complete conspiracy. I mortgaged my house for the third printing rather than see the book die. There were hundreds of other artists just as capable of doing their work, and, as always, many younger artists eager to take work wherever it could be found. The Board asserted its responsibility as a union to fight against discrimination in the employment of its members and said that Congress, not the movie industry, should act on the general question of employment of Communists.

My perspective -- What Constance thinks

The motion picture blacklist era was simply the calculated product of movie studio executives acting from primal economic fear. I even built a six foot extension on my garage to create a sort of stage space where we could perform. You have sanctioned the blacklist of 23 of your fellow members because they chose to defy an unconstitutional investigation into their thoughts and beliefs.

I never came to it. Talk about that period. This crucial move secured the cooperation of producers who were eager to do anything at all to keep the film industry itself in the good graces of the American public.

Your life has gone in new and unexpected directions.

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Dozens of citizens were jailed, hundreds moved to other countries, and thousands lost their jobs. The blacklisted were not necessarily the leading or most proficient practitioners of their individual crafts. They listed several things under my name.

But you evolved into quite an activist.

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Like the overwhelming majority of the American people, we believe that a "clear and present danger" to our nation exists. Rollout of this program will begin with availability at TCC's nearly corporate stores.

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SAG AND THE MOTION PICTURE BLACKLIST by Larry Ceplair. From toyour ability to work in Hollywood's motion picture industry strictly depended on whether or not your name appeared on a list of suspected Communist activists or sympathizers.

Alliance in motion global business presentation
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