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Newcastle is unique among leading business schools in that it offers bespoke programmes that give students an experience unlike any other.

In SeptemberNewcastle will begin offering distinguished Lindisfarne scholarships to select students enrolling in its MBA programme, which not only help with the cost of this superb business education, but are an honour to receive as well.

The primary goals for any of these programmes are to help students become internationally minded and literate in relevant business theories and practices, develop skills and competence in their personal and managerial roles, and be aware of ethical issues that are necessarily addressed by those in leadership positions.

All students will study leadership development, strategic management, research skills, and contemporary issues in business management.

The school is committed to maintaining an international community on its campus and is an attractive option for business students from all over the world. They are also socially minded and qualified to lead a team that is capable, efficient, innovative and makes ethically and morally sound decisions.

The numerous Master of Science programmes relate to specific areas of business industry, making them an excellent option for students who come from those fields or seek to make their careers in these areas.

MBA canidates must complete a research project of some sort before graduating, whether it is in the form of a dissertation or work-based action research project. The School also operates two doctoral programmes, the Ph. Run through the Corporate and Executive Development Centre, these programmes include individual and group work and promote creative and well-researched thinking and learning.

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It is one of the largest centres of Business and Management Education in the North of England, and is exceptionally diverse, with more than countries represented among its student body. Beyond these core components, they may choose to specialise in a particular area of interest, such as marketing, finance, human resource management, tourism, hospitality and operations management.

Newcastle Business School is an international educational institution in Northeast England. MBA students participate in study missions abroad, as well as consultancy programmes in which they are placed with a company and assist in making consulting decisions in real-time.

You can also visit their Linked In page to connect with the Newcastle community. The population is comprised of 4, students studying on campus, in addition to 2, studying at partner institutions overseas.

There are members of the academic and professional support staff. Newcastle graduates are also highly employable and have opportunities throughout their studies to network with professionals and gain a foothold in the corporate world.

The Newcastle business programmes cover a full spectrum of business and management interests. The school prides itself on nurturing current and future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Research that is business led and which leads business is at the core of the educational programme. Newcastle Business School offers a one-year MBA degree that is grounded in the fundamentals of managerial practice.

Residential weekend events bring together full-time and part-time students to reflect on their managerial skills and simulate running a business.

Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University The Northumbria University system aims to provide an outstanding student experience underpinned by high academic quality. As a school that offers a thorough educational and professional experience, Newcastle prizes high-level research endeavours.

Northumbria University provides students with high quality teaching that is informed by internationally excellent researchand students benefit from excellent campus facilities.

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Newcastle Business School

Studying for a Newcastle Business School MBA isn't just a postgraduate experience, it is a life experience. It will change you and your outlook, and it will certainly stretch you with its intensity and diversity. A Northumbria University student has discovered his hidden commercial talents after launching a thriving new enterprise based on his love of music, all thanks to a ground-breaking undergraduate course at Newcastle Business School.

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Northumbria University Newcastle Business School

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Northumbria university newcastle business school nx315
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